He has been searching for the Lord for three years

In October 2018, an Arabic church was planted in Madrid, Spain. My work in planting this church is in cooperation with Pastor Daniel Johnson from the Assemblies of God and Rev. Duane Miller, an Anglican priest. Together our mission is to reach Muslims and Arabs in Madrid for Christ. The Lord surprises us in a nice way almost every week. Our weekly meetings are on Tuesday evenings. It is not unusual to have several nationalities represented in our meeting including Moroccans, Syrians, and Egyptians.

One day a Moroccan Muslim contacted us and wanted to know how to become a Christian. He had been on a three-year spiritual journey. He began using the internet to study Islamic beliefs more deeply. Through his study, he discovered that true Islam is different from what his family and the Imams had been teaching him all his life.

Then, he started searching to learn about Christ. When he came to us, he had already believed in Jesus as Lord, but he was wondering what he needed to do to become a Christian. We had the privilege of explaining the good news to him and of leading him in the sinner’s prayer. He is now planning to be baptized, and we are making plans for him to go through discipleship classes.

We plan to expand to other areas of Madrid. We also have plans to establish a training center under the Impact Europe – L10E Network. This center will prepare leaders to plant Arab Christian fellowships throughout the region of Madrid.

We have the message about the Living Water. Our mission is to point our Arab and Muslim friends to the Living Water so that they may drink and live.