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Luke 10 for Europe (L:10:E) is a discipleship and church planting initiative based on the principles and teaching found in Luke 10:1-20. Jesus sent empowered workers in pairs into the harvest. They planned places to visit and engage with the Gospel of transformation. They connected with people and houses of peace with the intent of establishing faith communities . L:10:E does not intend to replace or disparage traditional churches, but rather seeks to work in parallel and in harmony with them.


L:10:E contextualizes the Community Church Planting (CCP) methodology of planting churches for the various cultural and political realities that exist throughout Europe. L:10:E pursues the vision that all communities in Europe would be populated with spiritually maturing disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. L:10:E works toward this end by mobilizing disciples to multiply disciples, pastors to multiply pastors, churches to multiply churches, and seminaries to graduate multiplying church-planter-trainers.

L:10:E seeks to facilitate discipling and church planting movements by promoting first century church planting principles, working towards completing the task of the Great Commission.



L:10:E uses an in-service training model in which lay pastors receive theological and church planting training while they themselves develop new multiplying faith communities. These student pastors, in turn, train next-generation pastors who work to establish their next-generation faith community. With the initiation of new faith communities, a discipleship DNA is established that impresses on members a calling to multiply and fill the earth with new disciples of Jesus.


Impact Europe makes and multiplies disciples, as we engage with the Gospel of transformation, develop and empower national leaders to establish transformational churches. 

Your support of Impact Europe L:10:E helps train national leaders to plant Christian faith communities throughout Europe.

• Church planting and leadership training.
• Establishing training centers.
• Establishing church planting networks in new areas.

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